Summer of eResearch 2010

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Through the Summer of eResearch (SoeR) we support talented students to work with nationally connected research communities throughout New Zealand on their eResearch needs. Some examples of relevant projects could include:

  • accessing and analysing shared datasets and databases that are too large to host on your local desktop, and where there are multiple users from across your national research community who are involved in various aspects of the data analysis
  • building a simple graphical user interface so that your less computing skilled research colleagues can carry out analyses that you are repeatedly doing for them
  • building a web portal to share nationally significant research datasets, and providing basic data access protocols to allow others to build on top of this data

Projects are intended to be pilot projects, aimed to significantly progress the communities needs for computing support for their research, and to align the approaches taken with common approaches emerging across the sector.

Our team will support the students and the research communities with their computing needs, including advice and access to resources and platforms for data storage and sharing, computational systems, and collaboration platforms.

What are we trying to do?

Our aim is to aid research groups to meet their computing needs, and introduce computer science and software engineering (and other related disciplined) students to the research work being done in New Zealand, building mentoring relationships with researchers and hopefully helping to recruit aspiring researchers towards further studies and research in collaboration with these organization.

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