Moving NZSSDS to an open source architecture

Our research group (COMPASS) supports a data service, NZSSDS, which in turn is built around an architecture derived from the Australian Data Archive (ADA) and NESSTAR (a proprietary middleware). We seek to move this system to a new open-source architecture, the Dataverse environment developed at Harvard. This is an open source solution for managing data, that is DDI based, and we believe able to import content from NESSTAR. It is also able to be integrated with the look and feel from our existing websites. It could complement our teaching with data resources, as it allows storage of code and publications as well as data. It is also based on R, which might provide future opportunities based on the research group’s simulation studies. The research group’s data manager who has been responsible for the development of the data service is available for consultation, as our other team members and possibly Australian colleagues.

Submitted by Shubham Sharma on