Biology - NZ eResearch Pioneers

Biology has been a major driver of eResearch in New Zealand. Come to the NZ eResearch Symposium, and share in the ongoing development of applications and services to support Biologists, especially to assist them with the following challenges:

  • analysis of next generation sequencing data
  • gene expression data analysis
  • molecular modelling
  • statistical analysis tools for analysing large datasets
  • data management

NZ eResearch Symposium

Dates: 26 - 27 October 2010, Auckland


Whats in it for me?

The Symposium programme has received a large number of submissions related to biological sciences, and the following sessions should be of interest to biologists:

  1. Keynote on Expression Genomics: Dr. Nicole Cloonan, Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland.
  2. Keynotes on the challenges of managing research data collections: Dr. Andrew Treloar, Prof. Bill Michener.
  3. Two workshops!
  4. Social events where you’ll meet the people leading these developments in New Zealand, and hear more about future plans and opportunities to progress your own work.

Biology eResearch Successes

There are many successes stemming from innovative work to support the biological sciences - you’ll find out more about most of these at the NZ eResearch Symposium:

  • DNA and Protein Databank – BioMirror, Prof. Allen Rodrigo, Bioinformatics Institute
  • Genomics analysis with GenePattern, Dr. Mik Black and Assoc Prof. Cristin Print
  • Phylogenetic analysis on BeSTGRID with Geneious, Prof. Allen Rodrigo, Bioinformatics Institute
  • Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery, Dr. Jack Flanagan, Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
  • Biocommons Next Generation Sequencing collaboration platform, Alan McCulloch, AgResearch
  • BioPortal - web based phylogenetics analysis, Prof. Neil Gemmell