Summer of eResearch 2012/2013 Final Presentations

Victoria University of Wellington is hosting the Final Presentations of Summer for eResearch 2012/2013. Each of the students will talk about their work. The day will involve students, mentors and New Zealand's eresearch leaders discussing each of the projects' science goals, outcomes and wider implications.


The day will be split into two main sessions. The bulk of the day will be devoted to providing the students discuss their work. The afternoon will include lots of time to discuss the topics in depth. We will be having some unconference sessions, where participants decide upon the topics discussed. Each session will also include collaborative notetaking. For each of the sessions, a Google Doc has been created that all of the attendees can participate in creating.

Projects Presenting

HaithiTrust Research Pilot: Analysing the New Zealand Corpus

The HathiTrust Digital Library provides programmatic access to millions of digital books and other material from 60 partners, including the Internet Archive and Google. The project aims to analyse the corpus to assess the nature, range, and quality of its New Zealand content.

Audio Geotagging

This project involves developing a tablet application for audio geotagging, enabling speakers to indicate where they are speaking about in a machine-readable manner. The work will aim towards building a system to capture time-stamped audio and touchscreen map interactions. The tool has wide applicability, with foreseeable applications in the library and information professions, health professionals working with Alzheimer patients, interviews with victims of crime and scientists recording fieldwork.

Moving NZSSDS to an open source architecture

The New Zealand Social Science Data Service (NZSSDS) is derived from the Australian Data Archive (ADA) and NESSTAR, a proprietary middleware. The aim of the project is to move this system to a new open-source architecture, the Dataverse environment developed at Harvard.

Network Science for Non-Scientists: simple visualisation for complex network structures

This project aims to produce an exploratory interface which would allow to allow end-users to explore networks and would provide a far richer experience than static, one-off network visualisations which are currently available.

Selection tools for genomics researchers – a Galaxy of fun

The major goal of this project is to put in place a diverse collection of existing industry-standard software tools for the detection of “signatures of selection” in genomic data, using the web-based Galaxy software as a common platform for service delivery.

Sensor Observation Service

The goal of this project is to establish a Sensor Observation Service serving time-series data from the New Zealand National Climate Database providing online access to public climate data.

Event Details

Day Thursday, 21 February 2013
Time 10am-4pm
Venue Room 105
Alan MacDiarmid Building
Kelburn Parade
Parking Through Gate 6, off Kelburn Parade
Collaborative Notetaking Click on this link to go to the collaborative notes.
Hashtag #soer

Video Conferencing / Webcast

The day will be available for public viewing remotely. Visit and enter 64000 as the meeting ID.


Note: Clicking on the links in the topics goes through the the session's collaborative documentation.

Time Venue Topic Presenter / Facilitator
10:00-10:30am Foyer Morning Tea
Dr. Sydney Shep, Senior Lecturer, VUW
Room 105
Richard Hosking, SoeR Coordinator
Room 105 HaithiTrust
Bo Marchman, The University of Auckland
11:10-11:30am Room 105 Audio Geotagging Weiya Xu, Victoria University of Wellington
11:30-11:50am Room 105
NZSSDS Migration Shubham Sharma, The University of Auckland
11:50-12:10pm Room 105 Network Visualisation Veeresh Shivakumar, The University of Auckland
12:10-12:30pm Room 105
Genomics Tools Edward Hills, Otago University
James Boocock, Otago University
12:30-12:40pm Room 105
Welcoming Address Prof. Charles Daugherty, AVC (Research), VUW
12:40-1:30pm Foyer Lunch Dr. Sydney Shep, Senior Lecturer, VUW
1:30-1:50pm Room 105 Sensor Observation Service Alex Kmoch, NIWA
1:50-2:10pm Room 105 Open Session Coordination Nick Jones, Director, NeSI
Tim McNamara, Communities Lead, NeSI
2:10-2:30pm Room 105
Open Session 1 Decided on the day
2:30-2:50pm Room 105 Open Session 2 Decided on the day
2:50-3:10pm Room 105 Open Session 3 Decided on the day
3:10-3:30pm Room 105
Closing Remarks Nick Jones, Director, NeSI
3:30-4:30pm Milk & Honey
Social Hour Dr. Sydney Shep, Senior Lecturer, VUW

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