The Whiteroom: A partnership model for supporting eResearch

Massey University has completed phase one of a pilot study to develop and evaluate an integrated coordinated support service approach for eResearch. This approach also known as “the Whiteroom”, delivers an organic, evolving model of support engagement that expands eResearch (and teaching and stakeholder engagement) horizons.

This presentation will describe the approach and will report back findings and recommendations for the future implementation of a new ‘business as usual’ model for building and delivering technical expertise with and alongside researchers.

In addition to describing the story of our learning journey with technical experts across the full spectrum of support services and researchers in Precision agriculture, findings will report on the key attributes that made this approach work.

Six key areas were identified as being important to the development of collaborative research project group. These included:

  • Knowledge of the stages of development in the group process
  • Interaction within the project group
  • Group diversity
  • Leadership of the group
  • Technical opportunities and challenges of the group
  • The effect of proximity and space

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