Science DMZ and New Zealand Genomics: A Demonstration in Network Agility

New genomics technology is transforming what biological and medical scientists can achieve – but it’s producing a serious amount of data that needs not only dedicated computing and data analysis resources, but also to move from place to place, across networks that are often “over configured” for requirements.

This demonstration will show how REANZ and NZ Genomics, implemented a Science DMZ, powered by Juniper Networks, to provide a network capable of far greater speeds for data transfer, through firewall bypass and reserved bandwidth speeds.

The NZ Genomics Science DMZ, was designed to simplify the deployment and support of high-performance and data-intensive genomics applications that rely on high-speed networking for success. These applications have unique network requirements that were not suitable for use over a network optimized for normal business operations like browsing, email or financial systems. Instead, a specially designed local networking infrastructure was created – a science enclave effectively, with a high speed on ramp directly to the backbone, that can process machine to machine data, without being slowed down by security and trust requirements – but is still secure.

Deployed as part of the NZ Genomics offering to genomics researchers, the Science DMZ went live in March 2013. This demonstration will showcase how the Science DMZ is helping to enable high speed data transfers across the network in New Zealand and internationally.

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