REANNZ: An Instrument for Data-Intensive Science

Today's data-intensive, distributed science model assumes the availability of high-bandwidth, reliable, feature-rich networks seamlessly interconnecting globally-distributed instruments, facilities and collaborators. The discovery of the Higgs Boson may be the first to come from an experiment for which reliable global networking was a design premise, but it certainly won’t be the last. Dozens of facilities currently under construction here and abroad make exactly the same assumption.

REANNZ, NZ's research network, will play a critical role in this nation's scientific productivity as the collection, transfer, storage, manipulation, analysis, and curation of data becomes an ever increasing part of the scientific process. This presentation will cover REANNZ's current initiatives to roll out high performance network services to New Zealand's researchers and their collaborators, as well as its plans to scale capacity to handle the relentless growth in data and meet the community's need for efficient data mobility that make NZ's computational facilities available and productive.

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