New Zealand HPC Applications Workshop 2013

High performance computing (HPC) has the potential to revolutionise New Zealand research. Many of the lessons for applying HPC to research span research disciplines. As New Zealand’s adoption of HPC matures at differing rates across communities and institutions, an opportunity exists to hold an inter-disciplinary event alongside eResearch NZ 2013 to spread knowledge between practitioners and to strengthen the bonds within the HPC community.

The workshop will build upon a successful event in 2012 to become a key meeting place for New Zealand’s HPC community. It has the following objectives:

  • provide an opportunity to meet researchers leading their fields in the application of HPC
  • provide a forum for meeting and talking with colleagues using scientific applications on HPC
  • support a broad community of researchers who depend on HPC applications

As a first event, the 2012 was a significant milestone for those involved in HPC nationally. It brought together a very large community with significant demonstrations of their capability on show. However there was too little time to workshop the opportunities that having these attendees together offered. Therefore for 2013 the workshop will incorporate more time to discuss insights gained and possible collaborations and extensions of work currently uderway.

The event will be an excellent complement to eResearch NZ as a whole. The maturation of the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) had seen projects being undertaken from all of New Zealand’s universities and CRIs on the national HPC facilities. This demonstrates the relevance of a nationally focused HPC event to the research sector. Significant progress has been made during the previous year in bridging between institutions that are independently engaged in HPC, and their participation will also be sought.

The workshop would be organised by a committee comprising those who successfully facilitated this workshop in 2012.

NeSI is committed to sponsoring the event in-kind by facilitating any necessary logistics involved and will consider financial support for funding travel costs for invited international speakers. NeSI does highlight that this event is about HPC generally in New Zealand and will seek to minimise the perception that the event is New Zealand eScience Infrastructure-centric.


Tuesday, 2 July

The workshop's first day is made up of two in-depth tutorials:

Wednesday, 3 July

The second day of the workshop is made up of several short presentations covering recent research:

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