The more visible the publication, the more discoverable and citable?

This workshop offers an opportunity for practitioners who are developing and delivering research impact and repository services. A brief introduction will be provided by two practitioners from an academic institution and this will be followed by a guided discussion.

The workshop will focus on exposing the social, cultural, organisational, and technical considerations in developing and delivering research support services, in particular focusing on maximising the visibility of research outputs.

Participants will be asked to form groups and contribute their views around maximising research visibility and issues surrounding it. Topics for discussion may include privacy, culture of sharing, the open access movement, peer influence, institutional policies and regulations, funding requirements, organisational culture, social media, article-level metrics, and harvesting of repository content.

The results of the discussion will be summarised into a "Do-It-Yourself" guide for practitioners interested in this field.


  • To provide an opportunity for practitioners to discuss issues around maximising the visibility of research.
  • To attempt to explore the meaning of maximising research visibility in the New Zealand context
  • To explore views on the benefits and challenges of making research outputs visible online, particularly through institutional repositories
  • To develop a Do-It-Yourself Maximising Research Visibility guide for practitioners

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