All about performance: network, end hosts and everything in between

We propose a 1/2 day workshop, co-organised by GEANT and REANNZ, structured in two sections: one dedicated to the network (monitoring, troubleshooting, measurements and optimisation) and one dedicated to the effect of the end-host in the assessment of the performances and the overall perception of the network behaviour. The workshop would start with an overview of the current monitoring and troubleshooting strategies (including perfSONAR). Different approaches should be considered: starting from the problem experienced by the user down to the analysis of the hardware failures or starting from monitoring hardware components up the problems experienced by the users. Finally we expect different end-host types (bare-metal and virtualisation solutions) to be analysed and discussed. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and approaches.

Part 1: The network

  • Network performances on different technologies
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting as eResearch tools
    • Big data and Network performances
  • Performance measurements and optimisation

Part 2: The end host

This second part of the workshop will focus how the performance is affected by the environment used, such as bare metal (servers and laptops) and VMs (fully and para-virtualised). In particular in case of virtualization how the different existing solutions will provide different performances.

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