eResearch NZ 2013

eResearch NZ


2-4 July

eresearch as an enabler

We are pleased to confirm the following keynote speakers at eResearch NZ 2013Read more about our Keynotes

J. Stephen Downie, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bill Howe,University of Washington


eResearch as an enabler

Key themes include:

  • Applications of eResearch that enable Research
  • Reflections on current developments of eResearch capabilities e.g. Big Data, Data Management, Collaborative science hubs, High Performance Computing
  • Current eResearch platforms and infrastructures, how they’re being used, and where they’re going

Submissions address any aspect of eResearch, including social, cultural, organisational, and technical considerations, across all research disciplines.


eResearch NZ, as a national forum for discussion, aims to:

  • Promote shared approaches to supporting eResearch needs, across institutions and disciplines
  • Highlight current and emerging research priorities and discuss how eResearch can enable Research, including by drawing on experience from other regions where similar activities are further progressed and where these initiatives might translate to meet NZ research needs
  • Share work in progress and outcomes from projects and programmes employing related technologies, platforms, and approaches.

About eResearch NZ

eResearch encompasses all of the information technology infrastructure and software that supports a research community. This includes the people, computing and software platforms that connect equipment, data, and other computing resources with people, along with collections management, platforms to run experiments, and advanced collaboration tools. eResearch communities thrive on deep engagement with researchers, supporting the formation and operation of effective digitally supported research communities.

New Zealand's eResearch community is growing in confidence and experience across a broad range of research application & service areas, in the humanities and social sciences, physical and biological sciences, mathematics and engineering. The symposium aims to bring together practitioners from a range of research communities, including those involved in using, developing, and supporting software applications and services which take advantage of distributed collaboration platforms for team science. It is an opportunity to meet some of the leaders of eResearch initiatives within NZ and internationally, and to hear about practice and to share understanding and experiences.

Venue and Accommodation

University of Canterbury
New Zealand

eResearch NZ 2013 is the first major conference to be hosted at the University of Canterbury since the major earthquake of February 2011, and is a welcome return for events within the sector to Christchurch and the University. To learn more about the areas you can see more information on the Venue and Accommodation.


General Chair: Nick Jones, NeSI
Host Institution: University of Canterbury
Programme Chair: Tim David, University of Canterbury

Organising Committee

Nick Jones, NeSI, General Chair
Angela Armstrong, University of Canterbury
Tim David, University of Canterbury
Hayley Larsen, Conference Organiser: Paardekooper and Associates
Tim McNamara, NeSI
Dan Sun, NeSI
Jodie Woodward, The University of Auckland

Programme Committee

Tim David, University of Canterbury, Chair
Penny Carnaby, Lincoln University
Stuart Charters, Lincoln University
John Hine, Victoria University of Wellington
Nick Jones, NeSI
Joseph Lane, Waikato University
James Smithies, University of Canterbury

Symposium Organisers

Paardekooper and Associates
p: +64 4 562 8259
f: +64 4 562 8269