Big Process for Big Data - Ian Foster

Ian Foster, distinguished scientist from Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago, will be in New Zealand to provide the opening keynote to in Multicore World 2013. As part of his visit, he has offered to present on the challenges of data management for the research sector. Remote participation is welcome.


Large and diverse data result in challenging data management problems that researchers and facilities are often ill-equipped to handle. I propose a new approach to these problems based on the outsourcing of research data management tasks to software-as-a-service providers. I argue that this approach can both achieve significant economies of scale and accelerate discovery by allowing researchers to focus on research rather than mundane information technology tasks. I present early results with the approach in the context of Globus Online.

Attend in Person

VUW staff, students and visitors are welcome to attend the session in person.

Time midday, Wednesday 20 February 2013
Room RWW 224
Building Railway Station West Wing

Attend Remotely.. video conference

You will need to download the Scopia Desktop Client, which is available for MS Windows and OS X via Before the meeting, we recommend you test everything out by connecting to room 6222. This is a test room, open 24h.

Here are the meeting details:

Start time midday, Wednesday 20 February 2013
Meeting ID 6532

If you run another operating system, you can connect to the meeting via H.323. Download a client, such as Ekiga and use the IP address, or if you are behind a firewall. To join a meeting, dial 0 then the meeting ID, which is 6532 and finish with #. telephone

Please dial +64 4 499 8283. You will then be prompted for the meeting ID. Dial 6532 and #.

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