Usability Testing

Usability and user testing is a significant part of the proposal for this project.

Here is what I did this week.


I interviewed four people (two friends & two students) for five minutes, getting them to talk about the neighbourhood they grew up in as children. I asked them the following things:

1) Where did you live?

2) Where did you go to school? How did you get there?

3) Where were your favourite places to visit / play?

During the interview, I watched them and tried to notice what they were having trouble with. Speak these things allowed so that they are captured on the audio. 

The point is of this is to expose problems so I can fix them. Look for stuff that isn't quite right. 


Following the interview, I reviewed the audio and listed of all the things each interviewee had trouble with. Make a short write-up so as to plan and prioritise the final stretch of work.

Here is my short write-up for the usability testing.

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Audio quality

Heya :-)

I is really cool to relate the markers and actions on the map to the time scale of the interview.

I had a look on the original project spec, do you actually develop against Android 4.0x (Icecreamsandwich) on the tablet, or is it rather the tablet Android version 3.x (Honeycomb)?

And how is the audio quality?


Audio quality reply

The minimum required OS version is android 2.2 (Froyo), and it supports the versions up to andoird 4.2.

The quality of the audio is fine as the app uses the built-in recorder to record the voice.