Praise from the digital humanities community for eResearch NZ 2013

The eResearch NZ 2013 has been a fantastic success. It's very encouraging to begin to see some public endorsement come through. Penny Carnaby, Head Librarian at Lincoln University, has had this to say:

Erin, Deborah, Hugh and Stuart Charters from ESD attended the eResearch NZ conference at UCAN this week. Erin and Deborah’s paper was really well received and, if I am permitted to be really proud of them both then I certainly am! This was a watershed conference for research librarians throughout the country. It was the first time that that there has been a significant contribution from the sector in relation to e-research and Open Research. Colleagues from Otago, Canterbury and Auckland Universities were there and we have agreed to work much more closely with CONZUL ( on a common approach to data management and curation and data literacy across the sector.

It looks like there is some exciting work planned ahead..

I spent time with Brian Flarherty from the University of Auckland working together to plan a national seminar for CONZUL on the changing role of research libraries in NZ and the need modify services and capability to support eResearch activities of our institutions. This seminar will be held at the University of Auckland on the 2nd of August and will involve the input from the Australian eResearch sector, NeSI ( and the digital humanities team at UCAN.


After the symposium I will work with Brian to write a white paper for the sector on the changing role of New Zealand research libraries to guide future investment and workforce planning. I am hopeful that the CRI’s will also contribute to the paper. Our relationship with the Lincoln Hub is relevant in this regard.

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