Framework for eResearch Adoption takes next steps

It's with a mind to supporting the careful work being done by our Ministry of Science & Innovation's eResearch programme, and their pointman Julian Carver, that I highlight the excellent next steps Julian is taking in the Framework for eResearch Adoption project.

WIth an ongoing round of consultations moving to cover all Universities and Crown Research Institutes, Julian has been roving the land and stirring up awareness and debate in all aspects eResearch, with much courage and forebearance. I'll try not to carry on too much about Julian's efforts, other than to say he's doing a remarkable job at engaging the sector in robust conversation (which we're all reasonably good at, it would seem), while now surfacing up the common ideas of those conversations, aiming to build consensus on where action might best be focused. As Julian will point out, this isn't to suggest a new funding programme is on the horizon. Instead the intent is to ensure that what is a common set of complaints and aspirations are raised up to a level that might allow for them to be understood as real issues that cut across the sector. It'll only be once we see the extent of commonality and support for the eResearch enablers Julian is surfacing that we might start to appreciate the opportunities to collaborate on solutions.

For those that don't know what I'm on about, there's background on the Framework for eResearch Adoption on this site, along with related blog posts, and recently Julian and Julie Watson from MSI ran an open event to report back to the community, and since then in the last few weeks Julian has opened up a NZ eResearch discussion group, and also setup an eResearch Enablers registry and ranking scheme.

And all of this is to allow us all to get on with the social process of figuring out what it is we all see as the next priorities for eResearch in our institutions and nationally.

Thanks Julian, and MSI, for all your ongoing work and support of eResearch communities. We're looking forward to hearing more from you as the project enters into its final phase.

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