Call for Participation: NZ HPC Applications workshop 2012

The New Zealand HPC Applications workshop 2012 is calling for presentations. Submissions close 8 June 2012.

Quick facts

Event date 4 July 2012
Event location Victoria University Wellington
Event theme Applications running on High Performance Computers
Submission email
Submission deadline 8 June 2012 15 June 2012
Presentations announced 15 June 2012 22 June 2012

Workshop details

This event is for anyone developing, running or optimising applications which run on a high performance computing environment. You are warmly invited to share your experiences with the rest of the NZ HPC community.

Proposals are invited on the following and related topic areas:

  1. approaches to scaling applications to run on HPC
  2. applications developed locally for HPC
  3. significant use cases of HPC being applied to solve a problem
  4. experience in porting applications to HPC

The organising committee is very excited that Prof Dr Thomas Schulthess, Director of the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS) has accepted an invitation to provide a keynote presentation. Participants of the workshop are also welcome to attend the NZ eResearch Symposium, of which the workshop is a satellite event.

The organising committee thanks NeSI and IBM for kindly sponsoring the workshop for the NZ HPC community..

Steering Committee

This workshop is organised by:

  • Mark Cheeseman, Fitzroy HPCF, NeSI, NIWA
  • Tim David, BlueFern, Canterbury University
  • Andrew Farrell, NeSI
  • Mark Gahegan, Centre for eResearch, The University of Auckland
  • Nick Jones, NeSI
  • Tim McNamara, NeSI
  • Michael Uddstrom, Fitzroy HPCF, NeSI, NIWA
  • Dan Sun, BlueFern, NeSI, Canterbury University

How to submit


To submit a talk proposal, please email with “NZ HPC Applications 2012 Submission” in the subject line. Please use the template below to ensure that the organising committee can properly assess your submission. 

Submission Template

Title               :
Lead Presenter Name :
Organisation        :
Email               :
Phone               :
Co-presenters       : (Please add both names and organisations)
Duration            : 18 min / 50 min (Select one)
Description         : (Objectives and an outline of contents)
Consent to record and share the presentation: Yes / No (Select one)
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