Thoughts from SoeR 2012/2013 Final Presentations

Yesterday, each of the students presented on their work over the summer. There was also lots of very interesting discussion. Ideas and enthusiasm generated should be captured. If you have had any thoughts that you would like to be noted, please add them here. 

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Distance participation

I was pleased with the quality of video link—the audio, video and slide feeds all worked well. However the distance participation seemed to be one-way in design. If I had watched the recording after the event, rather than joining it live, there would have been little, if any, difference. Ideally how remote delegates participate should be incorporated into the planning of the event. The Google Docs pages to collect live feedback are a good idea (although it's fiddly to split them across the different talks), but they didn't actually seem to get used on the day by people at the event.

Thanks for the feedback

Morning David, thanks for participating and providing the first feedback comment!

Sorry to hear that you were asking questions that were not put forward to the speakers. I hope that viewing the presentations was nevertheless worthwhile. We should have definately been monitoring the Google Docs consistently, to feed any questions up to the speaker at Q&A.

Even though several people had their laptops open, I don't think that people had really experienced collaborative notetaking before at an event. It's a difficult cultural change. My focus was on making sure all of the talks started and ended on time. One problem that I didn't anticipate was that my connection to Eduroam wasn't working, which was a real pain.

Again, I hope that your participation was worthwhile despite the fact that you must have felt quite isolated. This was not our intention at all. I know that I was quite chuffed to know that you were listening in!