Overall Achievements Before Christmas Holiday

This is a follow-up to the Audio Geotagging Summer of eResearch project. I have been able to implement lots of functionality but I'm looking forward to a break.

  • Users are able to create a new interview by filling in the title and description for the created interview.

                              Figure 1. The Create Page in the Application.

  • Users are able to view the map in standard and satellite modes, as well as navigate the map including moving, zooming in or out.

                             Figure 2. The MapView under the Standard Mode.

                             Figure 3. The MapView under the Satellite Mode.

  • Users are able to create audio recordings for an interview, and meanwhile draw lines and add markers on the map during the recording.
  • A marker can be easily moved by dragging it.
  • Users are able to undo the marker or line they made before.

                              Figure 4. The MapView under the Draw Mode.

  • To find out where users want to get online fast, type address, city or state in the search box and the application will lead you to the matching location on the map.

                                            Figure 5. Search Box.

  • Users also can speak their queries instead of typing using ‘Voice Search’.

                                          Figure 6. Voice Search.

  • All map interactions will be saved into a file so that users are able to playback previous interviews and see the state of the map during the interview (e.g. the map should pan/zoom during the playback at the same time it panned/zoomed during the interview).

                                          Figure 7. Save the Audio.

  • There is playback controls to pause/play and move backwards and forwards throughout the interview.

                                        Figure 8. Playback Controls.

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    looks Great


    The UI looks clean and slick its really looks like you have been working hard.

    Is that running on a tablet  if so what one?

    Also what GUI framework did you use to build you application interested because of the slick look not that 

    clued up with tablet and cellphones.

    looks Great reply

    The application is developed for android tablet devices. The testing tablet is ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101.

    The GUI is designed by myself instead of using existing framework. The GUI has been changed now and I will update the blog to replace the old ones.