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The non-Google public domain dataset

For the past few weeks I've been working with the HathiTrust's 300,000 document non-Google digitized public domain collection. It's easy enough to get your hands on the dataset; it is, after all, public domain and as such has no access restrictions--all it takes is a quick email to HathiTrust. They prefer to distribute the collection via rsync, and once your IP address is authorized on their server you're good to go.

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HathiTrust Non-consumptive Research Pilot: Analysing the New Zealand Corpus

Arrived in Auckland on Friday. What more could I ask for? Beautiful weather (well, at least for the first two days), a fantastic city (or so say my first impressions), and an interesting project to work on. For the rest of the summer (another benefit - I get to escape from winter in the northern hemisphere!) I’ll be working on the HathiTrust pilot, sponsored by James Smithies.

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