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My Christmas Break.

Hi All I hope everyone had a great christmas.

Over the break I set myself two goals Learn Ruby on Rails and Get a patch accepted to a open source project and it seems I achieved both of them. This blog post will be dedicated to my first foray into the open source world and a review of my experience so far.

OpenSource Software.


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Musings on Galaxy #1


The final frontier is here and its dressed up in a web framework for biomedical research named Galaxy. As we stand at the crossroads between 2012/2013 the world is more technologically orientated and biomedical research is no different. In genetics (something I am familiar with), common procedure for a genetics experiment  now contain no ‘wet-lab’ work. Data from publicly accessible databases adds up into the petabytes ( big guess! but its a lot) and there is still value in the data with many new discoveries lurking in the 1s and 0s. 

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