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Geospatial web-enablement for environmental data in New Zealand

This blog post can be seen as a sequel to a former blog post on the introduction on geospatial data sharing and spatial data infrastructures (SDI), where I explained the basics of OGC standards and web services. Quite some research organisations and governmental agencies already employ OGC standards to make data available online, often even free of charge for the public.

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A side note on geospatial data sharing and spatial data infrastructures (SDI)

This blog post is dedicated to provide a general overview over the field of geospatial and environmental data sharing. The term geospatial is actually tautologous: The prefix "geo" implies geography, which always relates things to each other based on their location, where nearer things are stronger related than things further away from each other (Tobler’s 1st law of geography).

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A Sensor Observation Service for the NIWA climate database

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) operates a network of weather and climate and other measurement stations, equipped with different sensors, observing a wide range of environmental properties – from temperature over rainfall to wind speed and directions.

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