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NZ eResearch Symposium 2012 Opens Registrations, Releases Workshop Details

The New Zealand eResearch Symposium 2012 is open for registrations.

The symposium is the centrepiece of New Zealand's eresearch community. You are strongly encouraged to participate in this growing community of research practice. The three day event includes talks and discussion on all disciplines within eresearch and is highly buzzword compliant. We will be discussing eresearch, escience,  data-intenstive science while enjoying each other's company.

Whether you have only just heard of eresearch, or whether you have been advocating for it for years, please do attend. The symposium is in its third year and brings together participats from many fields. We expect to see friends and colleagues from the humanities, the public sector, private industry and several of the sciences.

Registrations now open

You are now invited to register for the symposium. Early bird prices are available until 8 June 2012.

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Framework for eResearch Adoption - draft report for review

The Framework for eResearch Adoption draft report is now available for review.

You can download the report as a Word document, or access it as a Google document

Comments can be made via email to, by marking up the Word document, by commenting in the Google document, or by adding comments to this blog post.

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Supercomputing 2011 - Part Four Education, Training and Outreach

One of the main reasons for my trip to SC11 was to look at the education program and talk with other national collaborations about how they approach education and training.

 I took part in the Education Program, and also attended Workforce Development Sessions and BOF sessions. I was also able to have discussions with various people about how they are approaching education, training and outreach.

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Supercomputing 2011 - Part Three - Nvidia Keynote

The keynote of the conference was given by Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia.  Jen-Hsun described how Nvidia was born through the desires of him and others wanting to play 3D games.  Nvidia has had explosive growth in the consumer graphics market since it launched, more recently it has been making inroads into the HPC area with General Purpose GPU computing.  This expansion into HPC stems from their decision to support IEEE floating point numbers when introducing pr

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Supercomputing 2011 - Part Two - Inspiration & the Exhibit Hall

SC11 is nothing if not busy!  Far more sessions that you can ever attend, and all of them seem quite interesting (at least from the titles!)

I want to report back on the Education Program so far, and also the Gala opening of the Exhibition Hall.

Education Program first, today has been the highlight of the program for me so far, three sessions in particular stand out for me and I'll share a little about each with you.

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Supercomputing 2011 - Part One

This is the first of a number of blog posts that I'll be making over the next week from Supercomputing 2011.  This is my first time at Supercomputing (the 24th in the series) which this year is being held in Seattle.

I'm here to take part in the Education Program, more about that later, first some stats about the conference.

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Framework for eResearch Adoption takes next steps

It's with a mind to supporting the careful work being done by our Ministry of Science & Innovation's eResearch programme, and their pointman Julian Carver, that I highlight the excellent next steps Julian is taking in the Framework for eResearch Adoption project.

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