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What is eResearch NZ?


eResearch NZ highlights and promotes key activities, including:

  • cooperation across research institutions and communities
  • enabling of national research priorities by eResearch
  • sharing of work in progress and outcomes

eResearch NZ provides a place for anyone in the research sector to contribute to these activities.


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Email list

Those registered for the site will be added to the eResearch NZ email list, being a very low volume email list related to relevant eResearch activity.


Highlights from these items will be summarised and sent to the members of the site as a newsletter.


Researchers across New Zealand connecting and collaborating on their computational and data related research.

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This eResearch NZ site is aimed at supporting and facilitating research sector community interested in enhancing research and collaboration with information and communications technologies, also known as eresearch. Everyone is welcome to join and begin contributing.

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