eResearch 2020

From October 2013, NeSI, in collaboration with REANNZ and NZGL, will establish the eResearch 2020 demand-led infrastructure project. This project sets out to build a cohesive vision for New Zealand eResearch infrastructure needs at a national scale all the way out to 2020. The learnings from the project will inform strategy at NeSI, and become inputs for investment decisions at REANNZ, NZGL and MBIE in much the same way as the original NeSI Science Case did back in 2009.

eResearch 2020 is focused on outreach and participation. It is not a short project – we have allowed 6 months and aim to create many opportunities for participants to contribute. We have also opted for an extended open review period in early 2014 to ensure we get it right. This work is complementary to the National Science Challenges, Centre of Research Excellence bids, and other related work in the sector.

We invite you to register your interest in the project, and will aim to provide updates every month or so during the conduct of the project.

Glen Slater
Programme Advisor
eResearch 2020


Electronic Newsletter

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The eResearch 2020 website is the main source of information for the programme.

Agenda Setting Updates

Members of the research community have written thought-provoking pieces to begin conversations. You are welcome to click through, have a read and to participate in the discussion.