NZ HPC Applications Workshop

This workshop focuses on applications running on high performance computers. The NZ HPC Applications Workshop will bring together people interested in developing, running and tuning applications running on HPC. The organising committee is very excited that Prof Dr Thomas Schulthess, Director of the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS) has accepted an invitation to provide a keynote presentation. Participants of the workshop are also welcome to attend the NZ eResearch Symposium, of which the workshop is a satellite event.


Victoria University Wellington


See a full list of paper presentations

8:30am refreshments

9:30am start 

  • Thomas Schulthess - Keynote
  • NeSI facilities review - Workshop Chair, Nick Jones
  • Paper presentations - Session Chair, Michael Uddstrom

12:30 - 1pm lunch

  • Paper presentations - Session Chair, Tim David

3:30 - 3:45pm afternoon tea

  • Paper presentations - Session Chair, Mark Gahegan

5:15pm Workshop finish

  • Closing - Workshop Chair, Nick Jones

5:30pm Symposium welcome function


  • provide an opportunity to meet researchers leading their fields in the application of HPC
  • provide a forum for meeting and talking with colleagues using scientific applications on HPC
  • support a broad community of researchers who depend on HPC applications

Steering Committee

  • Mark Cheeseman, Fitzroy HPCF, NeSI, NIWA
  • Tim David, BlueFern, Canterbury University
  • Andrew Farrell, NeSI
  • Mark Gahegan, Centre for eResearch, The University of Auckland
  • Nick Jones, NeSI
  • Tim McNamara, NeSI
  • Michael Uddstrom, Fitzroy HPCF, NeSI, NIWA
  • Dan Sun, BlueFern, NeSI, Canterbury University


This workshop is sponsored by:

IBM and New Zealand eScience Infrastructure
IBM logo   New Zealand eScience Infrastrcture

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